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The Material Of The Food Bag

Food bags are generally used in the material?

Packaging nuts food bag material: the general use of materials PET film, PE film, PA film, OPP film and CPP film.

Food bag characteristics:

PET film: This film is ultra-transparent, hard material, and high temperature, printing effect is good, more suitable for food bags, PET film feels particularly brittle feel, Food Bag can be issued in the hands of rustling crisp sound.

PE film: slightly less transparent cpp, but better than cpp, PE film tensile properties are better, better pull force. There are two kinds of milky white PE and transparent PE (HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE), feel soft.

PA film (nylon): PA material is tough, transparent and wear resistant and resistant to piercing, easy to be oxidized, easy to shrink and wrinkle, this material is suitable for the installation of similar bone products.

OPP film: the material is hard, Food Bag and can not stretch, heat sealing type is very good, but the transparency is more general, more brittle material, feel poor.

CPP film: CPP material transparency than OPP poor but better than PE, soft and high temperature materials, can be used to do printing materials, but not easy to print.

With the improvement of living standards, a variety of food into our lives, Food Bag but also to some unscrupulous traders to create a certain opportunity, fake and shoddy endless, affecting our health. Some of the food by the beautiful packaging to attract the children, the quality of the customs can not be guaranteed, so we for this phenomenon and the children together for the activities of the children on the food bag on the signs of concern, conscious to observe, Triggering the habit of child observation, and to explore the discovery, understanding of life in the common logo, enrich their knowledge and experience.

"Outline" pointed out: "Children's social education is the development of young children's social behavior goals, to enhance children's social awareness, stimulate children's social feelings, and guide children's social behavior as the main content of education", "in life and activities, To guide children in a variety of ways to understand, experience and understand the basic rules of social behavior, learning self-discipline and respect for others "for large classes of children, their social communication ability, Food Bag good at discovering the nuances of the environment. Therefore, I let the children understand the identity of the food bag as the starting point, to trigger the child's awareness of life in the mark.

In the activities of the design, I will be the original target is divided into: 1, understanding of food packaging bags on several signs, rich life experience. 2, willing to know other signs of life, and willing to use. The focus is to let the children understand the two kinds of labels on the food bag (production license, green food) and they want to convey the meaning of the difficulty is to induce children's awareness of life and awareness of attention. In the course of the event through the form of the scene, interlocking questions to reach the target.