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The Importance Of Recycle Of Carton

Cartons are used whiteboard paper, gray sheet paper, such as after printing, carton packaging to prevent easy damage, shading performance is also excellent. In order to solve the carton packaging tea aroma volatile and free from the impact of external odor, Paper Box generally used polyethylene plastic bags Packaging tea and then loaded into the carton. The drawback of carton packaging is easy to damp, and in recent years there has been a paper-plastic composite packaging box, to overcome the problem of easy to damp paper box, the use of the inner layer for plastic film or coated with moisture-proof coating paperboard packaging materials for packaging, Paper Box not only has a composite film bag packaging function, but also has a carton packaging with the protection, rigidity and other properties. If you use plastic bags in small bags, Paper Box the protective effect is better.

The importance of recycle of carton

The significance of recycle of paper tray with the gradual popularity of online shopping, the problem of resource wasting by courier Carton is becoming more and more obvious. A few days ago, an electric business launched a "environmental protection and carton recycling" activities, the buyer in the receipt of goods, Paper Box will be empty carton to the distribution personnel, can get 50 points, points can be used to redeem merchandise, participate in Sweepstakes, redemption coupons and so on. At the moment, online shopping has become a part of many people's lives, and a net purchase will bring in cartons. Whether it is large carton, or small carton, stay at home does not really have much use, but also occupy space. Then, some people put it as a waste paper to sell, some even simply throw it. It is understood that China's annual courier volume of up to 10 billion pieces, and generally every courier use cartons, Paper Box even if half is to be reused, and the other half is almost sold as scrap or as rubbish to throw. According to the average weight of 0.1 kilograms per carton, the production of 1 tons of paper needs 20 trees to calculate, a year's express packaging carton will consume nearly 10 million trees. Visible, by the courier Carton brought about by the problem of waste of resources is increasingly prominent, "courier carton Recycling" meaning extraordinary.