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Printing Requirements For Food Boxes

Food boxes, whether indirect or direct contact with food, must meet the basic requirements of pollution-free, clean and hygienic, safety, which is also a management issue that printing managers should pay attention to.

Control the quality of the original paper

It can be said that the original paper is the product health quality control of the source link. It is of great significance to select the original paper which meets the hygienic standard and to control the quality of food packaging and printing quality. According to the relevant requirements of the national hygienic standard of the original paper used in food packaging, Food Box the food wrapping paper shall not be used as raw material for waste papers and social recycled paper. The original paper sensory index requires normal color, no odor or dirt; the physical and chemical index requirements are: lead (in Pb), mg/kg≤5.0; Arsenic (in as meter), mg/kg≤1.0; Fluorescent substances (254nm and 365nm) shall not be detectable; decolorization test (water, n-hexane) should be negative The microbial index requirement is: coliform bacteria group, a/100g≤30, pathogenic bacteria (refers to intestinal pathogenic bacteria, Food Box pathogenic cocci), not detectable. Therefore, the correct understanding of the concept of food-grade raw paper, it is necessary to carry out a serious control of the standard, must not be taken lightly. For example, the export of food packaging, once the health indicators test unqualified, the loss will be disastrous. Therefore, the printing industry in the purchase of food-grade raw paper, especially large-scale production of food boxes, in the selection of suppliers must be cautious. Food Box As the saying goes: Believing. Can be the original paper manufacturers on-site inspection, to see their production environment, production capacity and quality control measures. If the production environment is bad, equipment backwardness, management and detection measures lag, then let its propaganda to say better, product quality is also difficult to reassure people. Food Box The selection of suppliers in addition to site visits, but also on-site random sampling, so that the quality of the evaluation will be more accurate. Select the supplier, you can conduct a small batch of procurement trial, and then through the sampling test to see whether the product quality is stable, especially the health indicators are controlled within the standard range. In this way, strictly according to the procedures of procurement control, food-grade raw paper standards can be effectively guaranteed.

Correct understanding and selection of Polish oil

Because the surface glazing has a simple process, fast, economic effect, many food box printing surface as long as through glazing treatment can achieve the use of requirements. After the food box, Food Box can improve the printing and text protection performance, and to achieve moisture-proof, wear-resistant effect, on the other hand, can improve the packaging aesthetic and decorative effect. However, some of the solvent in the oil, Food Box is to cause the packaging surface coating organic residues, does not meet the food packaging requirements of the main reasons. such as the use of solvent-based glazing oil production process, although its glazing product brightness ratio is higher, Food Box wear-resisting performance is good, but, because of solvent-based varnish, its dilution effect of the solvent used is toluene, so not only easy to pollute the environment, but also endanger the safety and health of the human body. Therefore, solvent-based varnish, not suitable for food box surface decoration processing. and water-based glazing oil with a colorless, tasteless, non-toxic and does not have the good advantage of organic volatile, although water-based glazing oil there is not enough wear-resistant defects, and gloss is slightly less than solvent-based varnish, but from the Food box safety, Food Box hygiene point of view, water-based glazing oil or is more suitable for food box prepress processing technology, Production of laver boxes and other food boxes are using water-based glazing, received better use effect.

Food Box products in the production can not be separated from a variety of equipment, in the daily printing, glazing, calendering, laminating and paste box forming process, due to poor machinery caused by the cause of the carton product pollution exists, such as the machine rotation mechanism of bad and spilled oil, some parts of the machine dirty, the machine working state is not normal, etc. Food Box Are easy to make the product dirty phenomenon, which is not allowed in the Food box health packaging. Given the characteristics of machine operations, semi-finished paperboard in the machine can not avoid rolling, conveying or folding movement, this series of motion can not be separated from friction and contact machine parts, which requires that the machine-related parts must be kept very clean, and the machine working parts and moving state must be adjusted properly, in order to better avoid the paper friction pollution. Therefore, Food Box the printing factory must pay attention to the production process management, to formulate production process requirements and management measures, peacetime should pay attention to the maintenance of production equipment, with standardized, standardized production methods and constraints, to ensure that the production machine at all times keep clean, good state, to prevent food box products in the printing and finishing production, suffer from abnormal pollution.