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Paper Bags Are Widely Used In The Packaging And Sale Of Goods

The use of paper bags in life has become increasingly common. In the convenience of shopping at the same time, the paper bag material composition and aesthetic design more and more attention.

A paper bag is a flat tubular container which is open at one end and made of paper or paper composite. Paper bag is used in the packaging after the corrugated box of a large group of paper packaging containers, Paper Bag its wide range of uses, a wide range, widely used in the transport of goods packaging and sales packaging. The advantages of the paper bag packaging is simple and inexpensive, easy to carry the transport, the lowest transport price, but also to prevent pollution, suitable for food and scattered goods, clothing packaging; paper bag outside the surface of a good print, conducive to advertising; bags can be reused , Waste paper bags for recycling and processing.

The paper bag can be divided into envelopes, flat bag, square bag type, Paper Bag hexagonal bottom bag type, M-shaped folding type and hand-held square bag type. The sealing method is mainly adhesive, stitching, tape sealing, nail Sealing and hot pressing sealing.

The production of paper bags mainly have two kinds of bonding and sewing. Paper bags are used most paper paper and kraft paper, including a variety of elastic paper bags and reinforced paper bag paper. In addition, according to the needs can also choose a variety of bleached, semi-drift, add the color of the sulfate pulp and paper made of tough paper and cardboard and coated with a waterproof, moisture, impermeability and pest control and other processing paper. There are paper, asphalt, fabric, plastic and other materials composite processing of composite paper manufacturing high-strength waterproof moisture-proof paper bags and other special purpose paper bags.

Many types of paper bags, paper, variety of materials, styles are also many. The same time as

According to the material can be divided into: white card paper bags, white paper paper bags, copper paper paper bags, kraft paper paper bags, there are a small amount of special paper manufacturing.

According to the side of the bag, the bottom and back cover different ways:

There are four kinds of paper bag type, such as open bottom bag, open adhesive base bag, valve type suture bag, valve type flat hexagonal end adhesive bag.

According to the handle and digging the way different:

NKK (perforated rope), NAK (no hole rope, divided into mouthless and standard mouth fold), DCK (cordless bag body digging handle), BBK (tongue is not punching). The same time as

Paper Bag According to the use of different:

Bags include bags, bags, bags, feed bags, wax bags, fertilizer bags, laminating paper bags, four layers of paper bags, medicine bags, clothing bags, food bags, shopping bags, gift bags, wine bags. Paper Bag Use different specifications, including the size of the paper, including the thickness of paper bags have a lot of requirements.