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Paper Bags Are Now The First Choice For Shopping Bags

Paper Bag is a green product, it is not only durable and repeatable use, the paper bag can be printed on the characteristics of the pattern, advertising is a major bright spot, suitable for any company, any industry as advertising, gifts for use.

The raw material of paper bag is tree, Paper Bag it is a kind of renewable resource. Its own biodegradable, recyclable features naturally affixed to the green label.

Paper bag design is different from the past, the choice of paste paper bag is a very old manual industry. But in order to be efficient, labor-saving and cost-effective, Paper Bag machines are usually used for processing. Now the paper bag mainly divides into the ordinary packing bag and the exquisite shopping bag these two kinds. This is also the 2011 new paper bag.

More is the use of single sheet of paper, Paper Bag and then color printing, and then through the PP laminating or bronzing. Finally, the paper Bag factory for manual or semi-automatic machine health production, usually the use of artificial wear rope, knot as a lift, and then complete the production of paper bags. The advantage of this shopping bag is that any form of paper can be made into a paper bag. But this mode of production is inefficient. This type of paper bag, more used for some noble merchandise packaging, as a gift bag. or some commercial activity as a advertising bag. Of course, the exquisite and beautiful paper bag has become a convenience shopping bag for ladies to go shopping.

Paper bags are now the first choice for shopping bags. Paper Bag It is also an extension of corporate image and commercial advertising. In the production of shopping bags, in addition to pay attention to the structure of close, not off the bottom, but also the pursuit of environmental beauty, exquisite durability.