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Paper Bags Are Environmentally Friendly Products

Paper bag is a green product, it is not only durable and repeatable use, in the non-woven bags above the characteristics of print patterns, advertising is a major bright spot, suitable for any company, any industry as advertising, gifts used. Nonwovens are becoming more and more popular in the market. In addition, the corresponding national call non-woven bag material is also easy to break down, rich colors, Paper Bag recyclable and other characteristics, is internationally recognized as the protection of the Earth's ecological environmental protection products.

Types of paper bags

Usually we put the bag of material containing some of the paper are called paper bags. There are many types of paper bags, different styles, according to the material can be divided into white cardboard paper bag, white paper paper bag, copper paper paper bag; in accordance with the bag side, bottom and back cover of the different open seam bag, Bags, valves, flat hexagonal end of the end of the four bags of paper bags; according to the different pass into the portfolio, envelopes, handbags, cement bags. For the difference, the size of the design, including the thickness of the paper bag paper has a lot of requirements, so according to the actual situation, Paper Bag to achieve a multiplier, the purpose of economic, green, corporate capital investment, Paper Bag to provide more protection The

But to know that not all of the paper bags are able to degrade, and some paper bags pressure plastic film, if the film material is not only for the health of polyethylene will be dangerous but also the normal decomposition of the paper material part of the impact. In addition, if the excessive production of paper bags will lead to a large number of trees felled, the same will damage the environment.

Today's paper bags are colorful, dazzling, very tempting. With the strengthening of environmental awareness, paper bags have changed the material, the past has gradually been eliminated plastic bags, large shopping malls have been shut out, not up to the plastic bags and even subject to quality inspection, Paper Bag environmental protection departments.

In the shopping, most businesses offer paper bags and non-woven bags, from the beautiful and vivid degree, of course, is better than non-woven bags of paper bags, paper color and pattern design than non-woven bags easy , The effect is better, showing a very high level and three-dimensional, Paper Bag attracted the customer's favorite.

Relatively speaking, non-woven bags do not have the paper so easy to show the effect, although it is colorful, but its texture is rough, poor gloss. Even so, but in many non-woven bags, Paper Bag there is no shortage of outstanding, very attractive bag, non-woven bags can be quickly accepted by people, its tolerance and multiple use is Paper bag can not match, and its cost is lower than the paper.

As the outer bag of goods, its "face" can be "fascinated" people, it is an integral part of a complete commodity. Therefore, we design goods in the paper bag, to penetrate the elements of the United States to make it more attractive, more temptation, better reflect the brand image and influence, environmental protection, fashion, practical, advertising effect for a.