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Paper Bag Is A Certain Advantage

Today, paper bags in the eyes of people is not unfamiliar bag, because it has environmental protection, recyclable recycling, atmosphere and other characteristics, so the future paper bag market is considerable.

Paper bags are mainly material: white cardboard, copper and Kraft paper.

First: The advantages of white cardboard: solid, more durable, very good smoothness, printing out the color is rich and full, paper bags commonly used 210-300 grams of white cardboard, often used more is 230 grams of white cardboard.

Second: The material characteristics of copper paper: whiteness and gloss are very good, printing can make pictures and images reflect the three-dimensional, Paper Bag but it is not as solid as white cardboard. Paper bags commonly used in the thickness of copper paper 128-300 grams.

Finally: Kraft paper's Advantages: there is a high degree of toughness, Paper Bag not easy to tear, Kraft is generally suitable for printing some monochrome or color is not rich in two-color bag.

Paper bags in the life of more and more widely used, and become the first choice for most businesses, Paper Bag it must have a certain advantage. Paper bags have the following characteristics.

1. Use paper bags instead of plastic bags this is conducive to environmental protection, paper bags can be recycled after use, but the general plastic bag is not allowed, so the use of paper bags more relevant to the current environmental protection call.

2. More hygienic, plastic products will emit harmful substances when used, especially when you use plastic to install some hot drugs or food, Paper Bag it is easy to emit some harmful substances at high temperature, but the use of paper bags is much safer, We can see that a lot of the food industry is now using paper bags to store food instead of plastic bags, like some fast food restaurants and KFC McDonald's, which use paper bags to store food.

3. The paper bag looks more upscale some, if you go to the general small shop to buy something, they give you bags are usually plastic bags, Paper Bag but if you are going to some high-end brand counters to buy goods, you will find that they are using a professional design of paper bags, using paper bags you do not feel more grade has some texture. Of course, the use of paper bags is also relatively cost-saving.