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Packaging Is Imperative

With the ever-changing needs of the community, packing more and more attention, in which machinery, pharmaceutical, textile, telecommunications, instruments, meters and other areas without it, so in the global printing enterprises transition to the packaging industry, printing enterprises should seize the opportunity, starting from the green packaging and bigger and stronger.

"Green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly" primary axis will be the future development of the industry, and also the "Twelve-Five" trade development a top priority, green packaging is the world-wide development of the packaging industry themes and characteristics. Packaging and printing enterprises should try to use green ink, paper, glue, varnish and other non-polluting or less polluting raw materials, research and promotion of new technology, new technologies to meet the environmental requirements of the printing, green packaging is packaging trends in the world, is also the only way for the development of the packaging industry.