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Gift Bags Can Better Foil Their Own Gifts

The gift bag is a kind of goods used for packing, usually refers to the bag which is used to put and pack the gift. Material has a plastic, cloth three kinds. Because a beautiful gift bag can better foil their own gifts, so now we can often see people use gift bags. Gift Bag As the way of life changes, the demand for gift bags is increasing. The common gift bag has mooncake box, wine box, mobile phone box, tea box, jewelry box, shirt box, shoe box, world cover gift box, gift bag hardcover book, Notebook and album cover. Non-woven gift bags, PVC materials gift bags, paper gift bags.

As the Foreign Trade window city, Gift Bag the export of gift bags is also increasing. One of the obligations for the people color Printing packaging factory can be represented, since the company since the establishment of products continue to introduce new, beautiful appearance, reliable quality, exported to Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

Gift bag size is not necessarily, see what gift. No. 1th No.: 5*31 3*9cm No. 2nd, 34*27*9cm 3rd 27*23*8cm 21*17*7 No. 4th. 14*11.5CM.

Gift bags in the design of the time will be some size for the designer as a reference, in general, the designer will be based on the parameters provided to make a small range of changes, Gift Bag some people if there is a special size needs, can only be contacted with the printing factory. With the development of the printing industry, can be corresponding to different sizes of gift bag printing needs. The size of the gift bag is also usually based on the size of the packaging product, Gift Bag the usual printing standard size is divided into three open, four open or three kinds. Each type is divided into positive degree or magnanimous two kinds. The net size of its gift bag is made up of long X-width x height. Gift Bag Printing Positive degree four open size (280x200x60mm), gift bag printing generous four dimensions (340x210x75mm), gift bag printing positive three dimensions (340x210x75mm), gift bag printing generous three dimensions (360x280x80mm), Gift Bag Printing positive dimension (400x290x90mm), gift bag printing generous folio size (450x210x100mm).

Gift bag printing of the rope can be used nylon cord, cotton rope or rope, large size, you need to strengthen the rivet at the rope hole to resist tensile force. Paper can be selected 157g, 299g of coated papers. If necessary with heavier packaging package, you can choose 300g coated paper or more than 300g cardboard printing. Gift Bag White Kraft paper because of its toughness, the use of environmental protection, more and more recently used in the gift bag printing production.

Gift bag making for us in a lot of time we are able to use, to the festival when we will buy some gifts, and gifts that need to use some packaging to enhance the appearance of gifts. Gift Bag Some time to use it this is to make the gift more people like.

Whenever the festival we will be used, in a lot of time it is a way of packaging, the gift bags are mostly made of paper. These papers have been some special treatment, making these paper patterns more beautiful, more people like.