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Gift Bag Hand Folding Method

Gift bag is a kind of packaging items, that is used to put, packaging gift package bag. Gift bag material is usually plastic, paper, cloth three. Today's society can see people use gift bags everywhere. A beautiful gift bag can better contrast their own gifts. With the changing lifestyles, consumer demand for gift bags is also getting higher and higher.

Can also be based on different raw materials to do different gift bags: paper gift bags, nylon gift bags, canvas gift bags, cloth gift bags, leather gift bags, plastic gift bags.

Xiaobian today to bring you the gift of hand gift bags, Gift Bag Xiao Bian himself to add it a little bit of creativity. Hand-made gift bag, can be used to install small items, on their own desk can also be as ornaments for the room to add a little beauty.

1 Prepare a rectangular paper with a double-sided adhesive on the long edge. Fold, Gift Bag there will be double-sided adhesive side stick to the other side.

2 and then fold, remember to stay a little width.

3 fold a corner, turn the paper over, will fold the corner along the corner up the fold. Gift Bag The other corner of the fold, between the angle and angle to stay a certain width.

4 The arch of the corner is arched and pressed into a square.

5 will be outside the corner of the fold, both sides along the edge of the triangle in the fold,

6 fold the two corners of the square and stick with the double-sided adhesive.

7 will semi-finished products to open, cut off the excess part of the opening. The rest of the pocket to do the next part of the modification, with a pencil to draw the need to cut off the part, and then cut off with scissors.

8 with blue marker pen to the small gift bag around the edge (both sides) are painted on the line, so that small gift bags look more delicate and lovely. At this time, a small gift bag has been done.

9 in order to make a small gift bag looks more beautiful and creative, give it a "little wings". Xiao Bian prepared a lavender square paper, like a child when the fan from the corner began to fold, folded and then folded on it.

10 will be a small wings with double-sided adhesive to the gift pocket, Gift Bag the entire gift bag to complete. We can according to their own preferences to draw their favorite patterns.