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Garment Bag Is Also A Good Ad Flat

With the progress of the times, some smart businessmen found that the value of the items alone can not meet today's people. In the business when the pain of plastic bags to solve all the trouble. Plastic bags are mainly made of PE, PO, PP and other materials made of widely used in shirts, knitting, clothing, Garment Bag textiles and other industries. Mainly used to hold clothes. Some brand clothing has its own clothing bag. Therefore, the bag is also a very good advertising platform.

Garment bags according to the use of methods can be divided into four

First: oblique hanging bags, oblique hanging bag is the clothing industry which sometimes need to use a packaging bag, it is a bagging, left and right sides parallel, bottom flat mouth, the middle of the middle part of a small mouth, small mouth The two sides are inclined to seal, such as the middle line is symmetrical, this bag is called oblique hanging bag, its main role is to play anti-gray, dust, water and other functions, Garment Bag commonly used to suit suits, jackets and other clothes, Common in dry cleaners. Clothing stores and other stores.

The main function of the product is to enhance the product's own value, anti-wrinkle, anti-gray, dustproof, waterproof and other functions, commonly used to wrap shirts, T-shirts, And other clothes, generally common in suits, leisure and other clothing stores.

Third: hook bags, hook bags in the self-adhesive bags on the basis of a hook, generally small package-based. Its main role to enhance the value of their own products, anti-wrinkle, anti-gray, dust, water and other functions, commonly used to wrap socks, stockings, ties, etc.

Fourth: shopping bags, shopping bags is for the guests after the purchase to facilitate the purchase of their items, because the shopping bag in the custom time will add business information and exquisite graphic. Garment Bag Can be a good spread of corporate information and enhance product quality.