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Food Packaging Paper Bag Gradually Become Mainstream

With the improvement of people's quality of life and the development of modern packaging technology, food packaging requirements have become more sophisticated, in order to reduce the grain in storage, transportation and sales losses in the process, a new type of multi-layer paper food packaging bags, is now used in domestic and export flour, starch product packaging.

This paper compared with ordinary paper bag, its strength increased 1.5 times, the package structure and tight, like bottom bag with trapezoidal arrangement, each independent bonded, so as to make it more secure.

A bagged full 25 kg heavy flour of four layer stretch sex paper bags, in 1.2 meters high at free falls 10 times, still not broken package, paper itself has moisture sex, can absorption food in the of extra water, and can effective prevent for environment wet and makes food damp, while, paper bags of sealed sex to than bag good, same conditions Xia, shelf life can extended 2-3 months.