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Food Boxes To Attract The Attention Of Consumption

The food box is used for foodstuffs, especially food boxes containing moon cakes. There is a base at the bottom of the box. The material of the backing is made of extruded material. Food Box The utility model is characterized in that the outer surface of the lid and the outer surface of the box is covered with a layer of colored lintel with a layer of patterned plastic on the velvet, Food Box and a layer of colored foil The The whole food box is very generous, elegant and beautiful, can be used to send gifts to enhance market competitiveness. In the case of

When we choose a product, we first see it is the box. So the food box is an integral part of food products. Food boxes and food boxes to protect food, so that food in the process of leaving the factory to the hands of consumers in the circulation process to prevent biological, chemical, Food Box physical external factors damage, it can also have to maintain the stability of the food itself, the quality of its function Convenient food consumption, but also the first performance of food appearance, to attract the image of consumption, Food Box with the value of material costs.

Food boxes can play an important role in reducing transport safety risks. The box can also prevent food from being returned to other goods. Food packaging can also reduce the possibility of food being stolen. Some food packaging is very strong and there are anti-counterfeit labels, the role is to protect the interests of businesses from loss. The box can have a laser logo, special color, SMS certification and other labels. Food Box In addition retailers to prevent theft, food boxes affixed with electronic monitoring labels, and other consumers get the store's exports for degaussing.

The design of food boxes for decades has become a pivotal and constantly changing phenomenon. Food Box Marketing communications and graphic design applied to the packaging and sales highlights.