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Food Box Manufacturing Use Material

Food box spring lock cover sealing effect is significant, place the food which can be a long time fresh. The food box can be used in the oven and can also be used as a dish / dish. Glass material food storage containers, Food Box do not absorb the smell, will not be tomato sauce and other food stains, easy to clean.

The bottom of the food box represents the material used:

Number 3: Meaning: This number represents PVC. This material is hard and often used in the manufacture of food boxes, plumbing and building materials, Food Box and is used in everyday life.

Usage Guide: Food boxes made with this material are only suitable for storing dry, less watery foods such as rice and pasta. PVC high temperature is not strong, therefore, before heating food to the food transfer to the appropriate container.

Numbers 6: Meaning: This is a sign of polystyrene. This material is sometimes foamy, mainly used for making disposable lunch boxes, cups and cutlery.

Usage Guidelines: Polystyrene has the lowest melting point in all types of food packaging materials, although it can be used to hold warm food, but do not use this material directly to heat the food box.

Number 7: Meaning: This number represents a composite material other than PVC and polystyrene or a variety of plastic materials. If the raw material of the food box is polycarbonate (including BPA), Food Box this number will appear on the product.

Usage Guide: This kind of food box material is diverse, its heat resistance and preservation methods are also different, must be carefully read before using the product description, strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Detergents, detergents and scouring cloths may cause wear or even corrosion of food boxes. If you find the home of the food box deformation, wear, into the oil or the course of time and difficult to wash, should act decisively, as soon as possible so that they laid off.