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Food Bags Have Their Own Unique Characteristics

Food bags are directly in contact with food, used to dress and protect the food of the film containers, while the standard food bags should be used food grade plastic film production, generally more than two layers of composite packaging bags. This bag can provide protection for food, prevent food from being polluted by outside microorganism or other material, prevent or reduce food oxidation and other reaction has irreplaceable function.

Food bags as packaged food packaging bags, in the material selection has its own characteristics, Food Bag in the packaging form and other packaging bags, but also has its own unique characteristics.

For example, food bags of raw materials can not be poisonous and harmful, therefore, it can only polyethylene, polypropylene or aluminum foil as raw materials for processing, Food Bag for some may have toxic raw materials, it can not be used, such as polyvinyl chloride can not be a food bag of raw materials, can only be used as an inner packaging to use, because in the case of temperature changes, It is likely to produce harmful substances that are detrimental to food storage and quality protection.

Food bags can not be used in the manufacture of waste plastic, Food Bag these things are harmful or unsanitary, can not be used as food bags of raw materials.

The role of food bags

1. Physical protection: stored in food bags in the food needs to prevent extrusion, impact, sensation, temperature difference and other images.

2. Shell protection: The shell can make food and oxygen, water vapor, stains and so on, leakage prevention is also a necessary element of food bag planning. Food Bag Some food bags contain a desiccant or deoxidation agent to extend the shelf life. The air in the vacuum food bag or the food bag is also the main food food bag method. Retain food in the shelf life of the clean, fresh and full of food bags are the primary function of the bag.

3. Encapsulating or loading small items of the same food bag into a food bag is a good way to save volume. Powder and granular objects need to be encapsulated.

4. Message: Food bags and labels to inform you how to use food bags or food, transportation, recovery or treatment.

5. Promotion: The promotion often uses the food Bag box label to inspire the potential buyer to purchase the product. Food bag planning has been a pivotal and changing scene for decades. Food Bag Promotional communication and graphic planning are applied to outside food bags and (depending on some factors) the highlights of the display are sold.

6. Safety: Food bags can be a major effect in reducing the risk of transport safety. Food bags also prevent food from being returned to other products. Food and food bags can also drop food to be eaten by maybe. Some food food bags are strong and have a security logo, the effect is to protect the interests of businesses from loss. Food bags can have a laser logo, extra color, SMS certification and other labels. Food Bag In addition retailers in order to prevent theft, food bags affixed with electronic monitoring labels, such as consumers get the outlet of the store to degaussing.

7. Bento: Food bags may have a convenient increase, handling, stacking, display, sale, open, reload, use and reuse.

8. Partial control: Single packaging helps to accurately control the overall situation. For example, salt into the food bag can be aware of inventory. Food Bag It also makes it easier to account for recent sales, such as the delivery of milk bottles by dairy companies, instead of filling them with consumers.