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Food Bags Can Be Safely Used

Food bags have many unique advantages:

① Keep food color, fragrance, taste, shape. The cooking bag is thinner, in a short time can achieve sterilization requirements, as much as possible to preserve the original food color, aroma, taste, shape.

② is easy to use. Food bags can be opened easily and safely. When eaten, the food is put into the boiling water with a bag of heating 5min can be opened to eat, even without heating can be eaten.

③ storage is convenient. Food bag light, can overlap storage, occupies a small space, packaged food, the space is smaller than metal cans, can make full use of storage space, Food Bag saving storage and transportation costs.

Food bags are used with exquisite, more environmental protection

At present, people on the food bag always have this or that kind of worry, even some people think that plastic "poisonous", with food bags to put food is not health is more unhealthy, harm to the human body. But industry experts think: food bags can be used safely, Food Bag but do not use the color of plastic bagged food.

According to the introduction, currently used in packaging food plastic polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polystyrene, etc., its hygienic performance is qualified, for food packaging is safe. But consumers can not distinguish between food and non-food food bags, so a considerable proportion of unqualified plastic bags are used for food packaging, Food Bag、 which seriously endangers people's health.

Experts warned that the use of plastic bags in the packaging of food, snacks and other direct foods, it is best not to use colored plastic bags. Because the pigment used in the plastic bag dyeing is more permeable and volatile, it is easy to ooze when oil is encountered. If it is organic dye, which also contains aromatic hydrocarbons, a certain impact on health. In addition, many colored plastic bags are made of recycled plastic, Food Bag because more impurities in recycled plastics, manufacturers have to add pigments to conceal. But some plastic bags with recycled plastic as raw materials are also white.

Experts also pointed out that there is no particularly effective way to differentiate food bags, but one thing is certain, informal manufacturers, in the street stalls to sell plastic bags must not be used in food packaging. In addition, if the plastic bag has a special odor, it can not be used to pack food. Food Bag Although the food bag is safe, you should also pay attention to the method in use. Do not use plastic bagged high temperature food for a long time.

In daily life, often see someone with plastic bags steaming fried, fried dough sticks, etc., if eaten in a short period of time, not too much harm, but long time to the overheating of food in the bag, it will cause some of the plastic substances in the leakage and affect health. The microwave oven heats the food, preferably uses the microwave oven special plastic bag and the special container. Refrigerated, frozen food in the refrigerator application of plastic wrap, rather than ordinary food bags instead. The special technology and raw materials of the fresh-keeping film have good breathable and fresh-keeping properties, while the ordinary plastic bag has a little longer use, Food Bag it will make the food deteriorate and rot, and can not reach the purpose of keeping fresh.