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Food Bags Can Be In Direct Contact With Food

Food bag processing, in order to mold and make products smooth, often need lubricant, commonly used lubricants have fatty acids and their salts. In order to make plastic products such as plastic Sakamoto, plastic carpets anti-static, then add antistatic agent to improve the surface conductivity, so that the rapid discharge of live plastic.

In order to make food bags have better performance to meet the various requirements, Food Bag there are: antioxidants, UV absorbers, flame retardants, foaming agents, luminous agents, balsam and so on.

Food bags are mainly PE polyethylene, PP polypropylene, PS polystyrene and so on. Different materials have different characteristics, the use of food according to their own characteristics to choose.

(A) PE polyethylene: the main component is polyethylene resin, add a small amount of lubricant, engage in aging agents and other additives. Polyethylene is odorless, non-toxic, outside the milky white waxy solid. Food Bag Production of the packaging surface gloss, transparency is not high. Good plasticity.

1. Barrier performance is good: effectively prevent water, moisture immersion.

2. Chemical stability: room temperature, and acid, alkali can not react.

3. Mechanical properties: tensile strength, tear strength and flexibility of good performance.

4. High temperature, low temperature: low temperature performance is good, Food Bag can be used for food refrigeration.

5. Health safety: in line with food safety standards, direct contact with food.

(B) PP polypropylene: the main component is polypropylene resin, gloss, high transparency, heat sealing than PE, but better than other plastic materials.

1. Barrier performance is better than PE, strength, hardness, rigidity higher than PE;

2. Health safety is higher than PE

3. High temperature resistance, can be 100 to 200 degrees Celsius temperature long-term use, Food Bag but the low temperature performance than the PE, to -17 degrees Celsius performance brittle.

Polypropylene is mainly made of thin film material food packaging bag, water resistance, moisture resistance than PT is good, transparent material, tear resistance, but the printing is less than PT, low cost, can be used for candy, snack kink packaging. Can also be made of heat shrink film, for food heat shrink packaging, such as food vacuum bags and other composite bags.