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Food Bags Are Mostly Plastic Products

The food bag is a kind of special packing bag used to pack food, its material must be safe, harmless.

Food bag material: Generally used material has pet film, PE film, PA film, Opp film and CPP film, etc.

Food packaging refers to direct contact with food, used to dress and protect food plastic film containers, mainly divided into two layers of composite and three-storey composite, very few four-storey composite bag, Food Bag two-layer composite generally refers to transparent bags, three layers of composite general bag inside a layer of aluminum foil or aluminized. Food packaging Bags According to the scope of its application can be divided into: ordinary food packaging bags, vacuum food packaging bags, inflatable food packaging bags, boiled food packaging bags, cooking food packaging bags and roll materials.

Food bags are mostly plastic products, Food Bag in plastic raw materials, only polyethylene, polypropylene is harmless.

Food bags not only through modelling, color, patterns, material use to arouse consumer attention and interest in products, but also to enable consumers to understand products through packaging. Although people buy products but people can understand the product through the pictures and text on the package. Food Bag The product and the packing should be corresponding, cannot exaggerate falsely. Now a lot of manufacturers to do the packaging is very gorgeous, but the product in the bag is not in line with it, this let people's psychological how much will be disappointed, even want to buy and not buy can.

The food bag uses simple, clear picture, soft, elegant color and superior material materials, low-income consumers use of low-grade consumer goods, then the use of more obvious, Food Bag bright colors and pictures, and then use the "economic benefits" of the words to express, this is to accurately convey the product information to consumers, so that consumers understand.

Food bag is the direct device of food plastic composite bag, is required to produce food-grade raw materials, if the market on a variety of food bags to make people easily confused, the bag type of food bags are generally divided into: three-side seal, self-reliance bag, back-sealing bag, in the sealed insert plate bag, Food Bag eight-side seal bag type, with the surface printing of exquisite patterns, Customers can be the perfect display of products in front of the public, giving a bright feeling.

Food bag material is divided into: nylon bag, polyester bags, aluminum bags, aluminum foil bags and kraft paper bags, including nylon bags and polyester bags for vacuum, suitable for rice, grains, vacuum products, vacuum bags are mostly polyester vacuum bags, because the polyester bag cost-effective to high, As long as it is not sharp or load-bearing products used in polyester vacuum bags