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Food Bags Are More Material

Food bag material: the general use of materials PET film, PE film, PA film, OPP film and CPP film.

Food Bag characteristic:

PET film: This film is ultra-transparent, hard material, and high temperature, printing effect is good, more suitable for food bags, PET film feels particularly brittle feel, can be issued in the hands of rustling crisp sound.

PE film: slightly less transparent cpp, but better than cpp, Food Bag PE film tensile properties are better, better pull force. There are two kinds of milky white PE and transparent PE (HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE), feel soft.

PA film (nylon): PA material is tough, good transparency and wear resistance to piercing, easy to be oxidized, easy to shrink and wrinkle, this material is suitable for similar to the bone products.

OPP film: the material is hard, and can not stretch, heat sealing type is very good, Food Bag but the transparency is more general, more brittle material, feel poor.

CPP film: CPP material transparency than OPP poor but better than PE, soft and high temperature materials, can be used to do printing materials, but not easy to print.

Food bags like food gorgeous coat, and this food "coat" plan is the image of rice in the soul. The suitability of the food packaging plan is directly related to whether the food can complete its value in its entirety. Food Bag To plan a perfect packaging plan, the demand for shopping malls on the basis of demand.

In the food packaging on the forest with a total of creative ideas, attracted the attention of consumers, so that customers can love this product at a glance. Food bag packaging planning is mainly used to the needs of the regular, so that this food can be an excellent promotion out, started the food brand, Food Bag to create more economic benefits and value.

Food bag planning needs from its brand, logo, tradition, promotion, differentiation and ritual character of these aspects to the positioning of the mall. Food Vacuum Bags Planning Requirements There is a need for its packaging theme and its focus, which can make food well accustomed to shopping malls. The food vacuum bag plan includes structural planning, exterior planning and decoration planning. Which structural planning to deal with scientific and technical questions, Food Bag the performance of the packaging, protection and convenience;

The study shows that the color of food is close to the color of the appetite, so the color is an important factor in the planning of rice bags, the color of the proper deployment of food bags will be particularly eye-catching, with consumers in the supermarket to buy products Will also leave a deep image, and then promote its procurement practices.

Food packaging bags with ethnic, geographical, custom and objective constraints, but also with the degree of teaching, civilized level of different one-sided imagination. For example, Food Bag the days of the Loess Plateau and the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, some ethnic minorities may be remote mountainous areas, like the red and green and some very bright colors, and their days of grassland mixed with the mountains, with bright colors show their prosperity and vitality The love of the day. While the ordinary city residents, most eccentric and rich, fresh, bright colors.