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Carton Can Play A Role In Protecting Goods

Carton is a three-dimensional shape, its blooming process is composed of several parts of the movement, accumulation, folding, surrounded by a faceted form of the process. The surface of the three-dimensional composition plays the role of dividing space in space, and the surface of different parts is cut, rotated and folded, and the resulting surface has different emotions. flat, smooth, concise sense. The surface has a soft, gentle, elastic feel. The surface has a soft, round pure, plump, square of strict, Garment Box solemn and these are precisely we are in the study of the carton body structure must be taken into account.

Protect the goods. Will be fragile afraid of touching items placed in the carton, can play a fixed commodity, protect the role of goods. In addition, Garment Box the use of sterilization sealing methods in the food, so that food is not corroded and not deterioration.

Cartons are suitable for various printing methods. Its surface can be adapted to letterpress printing, lithographic printing, intaglio printing, can also be photographed Seihan or with pictorial text to modify, Garment Box conducive to commodity promotion and marketing.

The tray cost is low. The use of cardboard processing into various types of cartons than metal, plastic, glass and other packaging materials cheaper.

Cartons are easy to store and transport. Garment Box The paper tray is folded before use, greatly reducing the space occupied by storage and transport.

Cartons can add a lot of luster to the packaging, will bring consumers the desire to buy goods. However, because the fixed carton cannot be folded, it must increase freight and storage costs, and most of it needs to be made by hand, so the production is less.

Carton structure, according to the shape of the square body, cuboid, cylindrical body, polyhedron, and so on, according to different folding form is divided into a boat-type folding box, the bottom-folding box, single-layer folding box and folding corner box. Generally according to the structure of different types of nine kinds, namely, rocker cover type, hand-held, buckle cover type, drawer-style, and the resulting display, liquid, modular, windowed and allogeneic type carton.

Carton structure in order to the function of goods, characteristics, should give full play to the molding characteristics of polyhedron, skillfully use body language to express the characteristics of goods and packaging aesthetic feeling. At present, many food cartons on the market, Garment Box the outside carton is formed according to the definition of Plato or Archimedes in the polyhedron, each surface is composed of a repeating form with different shapes and combinations, the more the surface of the combination is closer to the sphere.