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The rise of green packing

In June 1992, the United Nations "in Brazil Rio De Janeiro at the World Conference on environment and development", 183 countries and more than 70 international organizations will need long-term development of the agreed outline of international environmental, officially confirmed the "sustainable development" is the theme of human society.

The so-called sustainable development is to meet the needs of modern generations while not damaging the needs of human offspring, and to satisfy human needs without damaging the needs of other species. This idea is put forward after a painful review and comprehensive review of its development path, and has gained worldwide consensus. It has become a basic ideological rule and strategy for human to guide their behavior.

People are more and more aware of the destructive effect of packaging waste on environment and resources, and demand to reduce or prevent waste emissions. We need to recycle them effectively and separate new materials to benefit mankind. The call has been echoed all over the world. It encourages and whips every person who is to benefit from their descendants and shoulders the mission of the green revolution.

Picture example of wooden packing box

Now the green packaging has become the packaging industry, world trade irreversible tidal wave, many developed countries have issued a number of environmental protection and green packaging regulations, and specific measures for implementation of the international standardization organization unified world will formulate the ISO/CD14000 environmental management standards, it contains 24 standard. Mainly include: environmental management system (EMS), the environmental audit certification (EA); the environmental mark (EL); the life cycle assessment (LCA); environmental behavior evaluation (EPE); the environmental indicators in the product standard (EAPS). This is a rigorous and rigorous system that scientifically standardizes the criteria and conditions of human environmental protection, and has brought immeasurable role and impetus to green engineering in the world.

Issued in 1997 five of them, all issued before 2000, it will be issued on the world's governments and all organizations to improve the environmental management behavior has a lasting effect, for industrial, commercial and international trade will have a far-reaching impact, it will become an important non-tariff barriers in international trade, technical barriers. In July 1993, the European Community officially launched the European "environmental label". At present, the importers of the European community must apply for the green signs separately, and the products without green marks will be restricted to enter the above countries.