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The general process of packaging and printing of cigarettes

Color design

As a package of cigarettes, it can highlight its own characteristics and make the product stand out in a large number of similar commodity markets and improve the identification of the products.

Graphic design

People can take the appearance of the main product and other accessories as the graphics in the design of the packaging. As a language of design, consumers can perceive the advantages of products only if they integrate the product's image and the product's characteristics, functions and product ideas, and express them clearly and clearly.

Color design

The main colors in the design of cigarette packaging in pink, the main figure red red LOGO by way of stamping, harmony, strong affinity is the color in the advantage of this design to consumers with natural intimacy, the overall effect is harmonious and simple to relax the mood, stimulate the desire to buy.

Requirements for anti counterfeiting printing of packaging

The high prices and huge profits of cigarettes have led to the imitations of the imitations of cigarettes. This makes tobacco packaging anti - counterfeiting is particularly important. At present, cigarette packaging at the forefront in the application of anti-counterfeiting means, this kind of packaging usually adopts the method of multiple anti-counterfeiting technology in parallel, which means a party to improve cigarette appearance grade, on the other hand can effectively inhibit the production and sale of counterfeit cigarettes.