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regular shoe box size,structure,shape and printing

On average, each family has more than 5 to about 15 shoeboxes that have been separated from us all and are closer to our lives!

Shoebox overview of the development process, from the original monotonous, simple has been developed to the present high-end, gorgeous, beautiful and practical, to replace the status quo of other articles bearing packaging (in the family), and there is still the trend of continued development, and now has With the degradation of plastic shoe box. With the development of China's footwear industry, shoebox industry has also been developed at the same time, China's shoebox is now exported all over the world, shoebox manufacturers all over the country, especially in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang rapid development momentum, With industry insiders secretly disclosed that there is a shoebox company in Taiwan, the annual output value has reached 200 million yuan.

Shoe boxes are divided into: women, men, children, sports, labor insurance and so on.

Shoebox structure: Divided into corrugated cardboard and cardboard thick paperboard and single cardboard die.

Shoe box shape: Divided into the finished world cover, fold the world covered, drawer type, shake the cover type, up and down on the shake cover type.

Shoe box surface processing: Now there are color offset printing, flexible screen printing, water-based printing, as well as peritoneum, bronzing, embossing, drilling and so on.

With the development of footwear industry and shoebox industry, but also led to the start-up of related ancillary products, such as shoes with paper bags, plastic bags, shoe support, shoes trademark, package shoes, shoes, paper and so on