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Product packaging classification

  Commodity packaging has a comprehensive nature of many categories since it was born. With the passage of time, various new processes, new materials, new ideas, new products and new markets have been continuously added. Its comprehensiveness has become more and more obvious, and its composition is more complex and diversified. Diversity is one of the classification principles of modern packaging, We can classify the packaging.

(1)From the form of packaging, it can be divided into large packaging, medium packaging, small packaging, or hard packaging, soft packaging, etc.

 (2)From packaging materials, it can be divided into wooden box packing, paper box packing, plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, composite packaging, etc

(3)From the purpose of packing, it can be divided into special packing, general packaging, special packing etc. 

(4)From packaging process technology, can be divided into general packaging, buffer packaging, aerosol packaging, vacuum blister packaging, waterproof packaging, inflatable packaging, compressed packaging, etc.

(5)From the content of packaged goods, it can be divided into food packaging, cosmetics packaging, stationery packaging, textile packaging, drug packaging, liquor packaging, beverage packaging, hardware packaging, electronic product packaging, toy packaging, etc..

(6)From the sale of goods, it can be divided into domestic packaging, export packaging, economic packaging, gift packaging, etc..

(7)From the style and manifestation of packaging design, it can be divided into cartoon packaging, traditional packaging, nostalgic packaging, modern packaging, simple packaging, green packaging etc..

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