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The Paper Tray

Tray is a three-dimensional modeling, it is made up of a number of moves, stacked, folded, siege of polyhedral shape. Three-dimensional composition plays a role of the Division of space in space, on different parts of the surface to be cut, rotate, fold, the resulting surface has a different emotional expression. Tray display composition note display, side, top, and bottom of cohesion, and packaging information element settings.

Cartons are in large part for its beautiful shape and decoration to promote beautification products, improve product competitiveness. Due to the tray shape and structure is often determined by the shape characteristics of the packed goods, so its style and type a lot, rectangle, square, polygon, cylindrical shaped tray, etc, but the manufacturing process is basically the same, choose materials-templates-design icons--manufacturing stamping--splice box.

Raw material is pulp, corrugated packaging, used to hold hold items and can be recycled.

Paper packaging, packaging industry the largest amount of species. Carton is the main form of transport packaging, and tray are widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, electronics and other products sales packaging. With transport way of change and sales way of change, carton, and tray of style increasingly diversification, almost each a new of non-standard carton are with with a automation equipment came out, and styling novel of tray itself, also became has commodity promotions of means, Bank treasure group think future tray packaging will toward environmental economic of direction development, will has more novel of form show in we front.

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