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Packaging Industry Development Trend Analysis

First of all, with the changes in the development environment at home and abroad and the overall economic quality, the impact of structural contradictions, China's packaging industry will enter a key period of development, that is, the golden period of development to the period of multiple issues. Long-standing overcapacity, over-reliance on energy and resource consumption, weak independent innovation, weak competitiveness of enterprises, industrial scale and disproportionate economic benefits such as structural and qualitative defects will become more obvious, which will lead to the recent years Sexual industrial restructuring is inevitable. Structural adjustment is a process of ebb and flow, but also the process of optimization and reorganization, and also the opportunity for the advantageous enterprises to take off.
Secondly, with the introduction of the "Implementation Plan for Promoting Green Packaging in the Courier Industry", a series of implementation plans for a series of non-degradable plastic packaging are first restricted in the industries such as electricity supplier, express delivery and takeout, etc., and the local governments, especially cities, are urged to step up their implementation Strength. For the packaging industry, implementing the green concept means implementing the general requirements of "resolutely opposing excessive packaging" in the "13th Five-Year Plan" and the specific goal of "transforming traditional production to green production" in the guidance for the transformation and development of the packaging industry , "Green, low carbon, environmental protection" will be the future development of the packaging industry spindle.
Third, the regional pattern will slowly change. The pattern of packaging industry focusing on the "Yangtze River Delta", "Pearl River Delta" and "Bohai Rim" will not change rapidly for a considerable period and will continue to develop in a synchronized manner with the regional economy. However, with the great development of the western region and the rejuvenation of the northeast old industrial base, there will be a marked change in the overall imbalance in the development of the packaging industry.
Finally, the traditional and systematic packaging solutions such as packaging materials delivery machines are developed in a holistic and systematic manner. As the market matures, suppliers that can not provide a complete solution can not systematically reduce their packaging costs. As a result, customers Bargaining power will be weakened, packaging companies need a holistic, systematic packaging methods.