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Hang printing basic knowledge

tag printing generally color (offset) based, first of all to know the specifications, the normal sheet of paper is divided into large and regular, large format specifications: 2975px * 2225px, cut into two called off , Cut four open four, cut eight open 8 open (A3). Positive full paper selection of Zhang: 2700px * 1950px, the same cut two for the positive, and so on. Tag printing generally leave 25px machine bite the paper and the two sides 12.5px cross-hair color sets of standards.

      2, paper and printing: Paper is generally divided into offset paper, such as ordinary copy paper, writing paper; coated paper, dumb powder, 200g above the thickness of the card, such as copper, etc., most of the pictures and advertising color Single; white paper, white cardboard, most of them used for paper tag; there carbonless paper, self-adhesive paper, sulfuric acid paper, specialty paper, and tag of the face paper, core paper, The thickness of the paper is generally calculated in grams g, in general 157g art paper refers to the thickness of this coated paper is 157 grams per square meter, the greater the grams, the thicker the paper. It is customary to print 500 full sheets of paper for 1 ream. The paper is quoted in tons. The quotas of various grams of paper per ton are not the same.

Tag printing quality generally depends on the first set of registration, the text has not broken pen, the color is uniform, if proofing but also check the homework. Printing and processing fees are usually the best way to go.

      3, after India: Post-processing operations have complex film, dumb film, bronzing, oil, over UV, folding, riding stapler, glue line lock, indentation die cutting, thin E corrugated and so on.

      There are packaging, delivery, collection and so on. Normal is prepaid 50%, because the tag printing content is specific only belongs to this customer, if he does not, others useless.