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food paper packaging box material

In the modern packaging industry system, paper and paper packaging containers occupy a very important position, accounting for 40% to 50% of the total amount of all packaging materials. Compared with other materials, it has a series of unique advantages: good processing performance, excellent printing performance, certain mechanical properties, easy compound processing, good processability, good hygienic safety, wide variety of raw materials, diverse varieties and low cost , Easy to form mass production, paper packaging containers lighter, good cushioning, widely used, waste can be recycled, no white pollution. As people's awareness of environmental protection and the actual needs of life, the development of plant fiber fast food boxes, research and development of natural green packaging materials will be the future of paper products, food packaging materials trends. In addition, with the rapid development of packaging technology, edible packaging paper is an important development direction of modern food packaging. This package has important environmental and economic value. At present, there are two kinds of edible paper abroad, one kind takes vegetables as the main raw material, and shapes and dries the vegetables. The other one is to starch and gelatinize and add other food additives to strive for forming similar to papermaking. From the perspective of application and development, green products with vegetables as raw materials have more potential for development.