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discussion on the industry standard of printing packaging knowledge

Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the People's Republic of China is the administrative department in charge of the inspection and clearance of import and export commodities in our foreign trade system. It also includes the control over the quality of export cartons. This department has his own inspection standards (inspection and quarantine standards), and includes the carton inspection standards. Different from the national standard, the national standard covers all the common testing methods and technical standards of our country on the packaging form of the carton. The inspection and quarantine standards are aimed at the export carton, a specific area with its own particularity and description. So to understand these standards for carton packaging boxes manufacturers, the necessity is obvious.

    With the use of cartons more widely, the detection of various properties of the carton has become more important, the detection of paper products, cartons packaging boxes are mainly the following categories:

    1, the national standard for corrugated boxes GB6543-2008, the main test items include carton compression and stacking strength test.

    2, the national standard GB / T13024-2003, the main test items include ordinary box cardboard, cowhide cardboard boxes and kraft boxes and other quantitative, thickness, tightness, burst index, horizontal ring pressure index, transverse resistance, water absorption , Water and other tests. The company is located in:

    3, the national standard GB / T6544-2008 mainly on the thickness of corrugated board, while the pressure intensity, bonding strength, bursting strength, puncture strength and moisture and other test items made specific provisions. The company is located in:

    4, the national standard for GB / T13023-2008 The main test corrugated paper, such as quantitative, tightness, horizontal crush strength index, longitudinal rupture length and moisture meet the relevant standards.

    5, GB / T451.2-2002 "Determination of paper and cardboard,"), of which quantitative is one of the most basic performance indicators of paper, often considered quantitative parameters of the paper. The so-called quantitative is "in accordance with the provisions of the test method for measuring the quality of paper and board unit area, in units of g / m2." Paper quantitative determination of the accuracy of the area under the test sample accuracy and accuracy of the weighing device, it is recommended Weigh with a ram-type circular quantitative sampler and a 0.01g precision balance.