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The Main Raw Material Of Paper Bag Is Plant Fiber

Paper bag material has many, nowadays the most attention is the paper bag processing environmental protection. Paper is a recyclable resource. The raw material of paper bag is tree, it is a kind of renewable resource. itself has the characteristics of degradable, recyclable, so it is environmentally friendly.

Paper bag raw material is mainly plant fiber, raw materials in addition to the cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin three major components, there are other components, such as resin, ash and so on. In addition, Paper Bag there are auxiliary ingredients such as sodium sulfate. In addition to plant fiber in the paper, it is necessary to add different fillers according to different paper materials. Often the use of plastic bags made from polyethylene is the raw material used in oil, Paper Bag and oil is already our scarce energy. In contrast, paper bags produce raw materials are trees, is a renewable resource. itself has a biodegradable, recyclable features naturally affixed to the green label.

Paper bag is colorful, dazzling, very tempting. With the strengthening of environmental awareness, paper bag material has changed, the past plastic bags have been phased out, Paper Bag large shopping malls have been rejected, substandard plastic bags even to be quality inspection, environmental protection Department of Punishment.

Paper bag is better than non-woven bag, on paper color matching and design is easier than non-woven bag, the effect is better, Paper Bag show out very layered and three-dimensional, attract customers love.

A paper bag is not beautiful, usually depends on the process of paper bags.

Glazing technology is to prevent paper bags and paper bags between the ink, because large area of printing content piled up a lot of ink, and ink in a short time will not dry solid very easy to rub ink on other paper bags. This is the common decolorization, Paper Bag but through the varnish can effectively prevent decolorization。