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Food Box Meets Food Safety Requirements

Food Box Packaging In addition to its own role, Food Box but also must meet the food safety requirements.

What is the role of food box packaging?

1, the isolation function of the food box:

Food boxes can be moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion. To the outside world dust, water and other liquid material barrier function, prevents the packing material to be polluted and the corrosion, prevents the ultraviolet ray penetration, Food Box the custom ambient temperature change, protects the packing material from the sunlight and the ultraviolet rays damage.

2, Food box transport function:

The strong characteristics of the food box allow the product to be transported in a variety of transport methods and storage methods, Food Box while protecting the inside of the goods from damage.

3, Food box display function:

Packaging iron box design than traditional packaging will be more exquisite, beautiful colors, bright surface and transparency, Food Box flashing the display of goods. Attract customers and arouse customers ' desire to buy.

4, the protective function of the food box:

The food box is easy to open and can be opened and closed many times. There can be no splash injury. When describing a product, you can attach other functions to the sealing device: such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, blocking, spraying and so on.

A food box consisting of a lid and a box bottom, used in food, especially for the moon cakes, with a backing in the bottom of the box, and backing materials made of extruded properties. The utility model is characterized in that the outer surface of the box lid and the bottom of the box is covered with a layer of colored velvet layer, and a layer of patterned flower plastic is formed on the top of the velvet layer, and a layer of colored foil film is formed on the surface of the tong Hua plastic. The whole food box appears expensive, elegant and beautiful, Food Box can make gifts jiapin, enhance market competitiveness.